The Direct B2B Channel

between International Manufacturers for wooden products and International Professional Clients.

HEIN Hardware offers a platform for professional purchase managers to locate potential suppliers for their specific needs in all kind of wooden products. Either standard product lines or OEM, ODM realizations in architectural, furniture and industrial wooden products are presented in our platform.

Very easy to find the suitable supplier for wooden products.

We assist industry, importers, wholesalers and retail-chains to locate and select the suitable long-term suppliers for standard or special requirements in wooden products.  HEIN is in charge of the communication and handling including quality control. We assist the purchasing management of our clients in all matters.  

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Very easy to find the suitable customer for wooden products in new markets.

HEIN establishes the direct business contacts to professional clients all over the world. We assist our suppliers in all questions about national quality standards, custom requirements and communication problems between different languages and mentalities.     

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